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Tonga: Jesse Bogdonoff
Jesse Dean Bogdonoff is the only remaining official court jester in existence, belonging to the court of the king of Tonga. Bogdonoff, an American businessman, won the favour of King Taufa'ahau Tupou IV to such an extent that he was appointed court jester, some months after arriving on the Pacific island to manage the Tongan trust fund. However, financial confusion over what happened to the money and who was responsible has led to his leaving Tonga, as well as a legal battle and a great deal of politicking.
JD isn't really a historical jester, so he has his own section under 'Modern Jesters' - click here to go there. He generously donated me some great material to put up on this site, which you'll find there.

JD Bogdonoff, court jester of Tonga

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