Jesters in Legend and Reality

Lan Ts'ai-ho

Photos taken in the Daoist temple at Shibaozhai, China, September 2002

The pagoda at Shibaozhai: no, I didn't take this picture.

A little context; The Daoist 'Precious Stone Temple' is on a great big rectangular rock that sticks out of the Yangtze. The pagoda which you see in the picture was built to make it easier to get up there - previous to its being built, you had to scramble up while hanging on to a chain nailed into the rock. Being a contrary soul, I climbed up that way anyway - but I have to say I wouldn't fancy trying to go down that route...

Lan Ts'ai-ho from the side

Lan Ts'ai-ho as a young man(?) with a basket of flowers, in a lacquered frieze of the Eight Immortals

Lan Ts'ai-ho from the front

A better shot.

Lan Ts'ai-ho with a couple of the other Immortals

The frieze was on the wall of a courtyard inside the temple.

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