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How to make Hitomi's necklace from the Escaflowne movie


(not really a tutorial)

You need:

A red glass bead for the 'gem'
Silver bead caps to fit the bead
Silver jumprings
A length of black leather thong

I got all of the above from FMG.

Tools: Small pliers (scissors at a pinch)
Strong glue, preferably jeweller's glue

Now I've got to say I wasn't entirely happy with how this one turned out; it looked absolutely lovely, but I wasn't satisfied with the way it was attached together.

It was extremely simple to make - I found all the right bits fairly easily, glued the bead caps to the 'gem', and threaded the thong through the loop at the top. That was it; easy as pie; looked great. Tutorial done. ^_^

However, because of the way I'd put it together, at top and bottom there was a shiny-smooth silver cap glued to an equally shiny-smooth glass bead. There was nothing for the glue to get purchase on, and even though it was jeweller's glue the bottom cap fell off after a month or so. (I was not amused as I thought the whole point of jeweller's glue was to stick shiny surfaces together... never mind...)

So, you're welcome to make yours this way, but if I were doing it again I'd design differently on the lines of my Escaflowne series pendant (see the other tutorial), and use a pin that goes right through the whole pendant and holds the pieces together with their own weight.

Click on the thumbnails below to see what I ended up with.

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