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How to make Kyou's bracelet


To make a bracelet the way I did, you will need these materials:

12mm beads in two colours, depending on whether you're making the anime or manga version.
Manga version (orange/red and white): I use carnelian and bone.
Anime version (black and white): I use obsidian and white jade.
I source these beads from Fire Mountain Gems, but any jewellery supplier will do. Make sure it's a reputable supplier if you're buying bone beads.

Jeweller's elastic
Optional: crimp beads for the elastic, and a pair of small pliers to crimp the bead.

Step 1

If you look at manga pics of the bracelets you'll see that the number of beads varies. However, I went through a ton of pics from manga and anime and decided that the number of beads is meant to be about 14. To make a bracelet about 7.5 inches long (about right for the average wrist), that means using 12mm beads, which looks about the right size on the wrist. A lot of people use 10mm beads for this bracelet but that looks distinctly too small to me.

So, take your beads and lay them out as you're going to use them. I use 14 for the anime bracelet and 16 for the manga one, because the bone beads I use are a little narrower than the others and the bracelet would be a little small otherwise.

Step 2

Thread the beads onto the jeweller's elastic. If the elastic is thin it might be worth doubling it up for strength. Now you've got to decide how to close the bracelet. You can either tie it tight or use a crimp bead to connect the ends (I prefer the crimps because I suck at knotting elastic ^_^;;) A crimp bead is intended to be flattened with pliers to grip the elastic tight. For a short movie showing you how to use them go here.

However you close the bracelet, make sure you pull it taut - the elastic should be slightly stretched without being tight enough to be uncomfortable on the wrist. If in doubt, try it on your own wrist while you're closing it.

And that's really it! A bit of practice will improve your elastic knotting/crimp bead skills, but the whole thing is really very easy.

Click on the thumbnails below to see what I ended up with.


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