Tips and Tutorials

A little help for the curious cosplayer

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Working with polymer clay
Wonderful stuff that it is! Just a few hints and tips.

How to make a Millennium Puzzle
I get a lot of queries about this one, so here's how I did it.

How to make a Millennium Ring
And since that was such a big hit, here's instructions for the sister piece.

How to make Inu Yasha's necklace
Dead easy one.

How to make Garnet's pendant from FFIX
A little technically tricky but soooo pretty. ^_^

How to make Juri's locket from Utena
Fiddly fun...

How to make Sakura's Fly card hairslide
Not exactly cosplay, but near-terminal cute ^_^


How to make Kyou's bracelet
Dead simple and oh-so-pretty.

How to make Ed's pocket watch
Fiddly as anything ^_^

How to make Anthy's crown
Shiny and pointy and easy (if you've got big pliers...)

How to make Hitomi's pendant (series)
Addictively fun to play with.

How to make Hitomi's pendant (movie)
As above, but movie version...

How to make Yuna's necklace
Surprisingly easy, I thought.

How to make Princess Tutu's necklace
Fun With Household Scraps

How to make an Utena Duellist's Ring
Steady hands a plus

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